Jason Schulte

When talking to Bradley Lutz last week about him being the new Osceola Village Trustee in replacing Tim Anderson, there was one thing which surprised him. 

“There weren’t more candidates interested in wanting to be a member of the Village Board,” he said. “I just thought there would be more.”

Lutz was the only candidate who applied. 

Was it due to lack of timing? The application period was nearly 15 days long so plenty of time for people to make up their minds.

Okay, how about lack of knowledge? It was made known in the Sun and their social media outlets along with the Village trying to spread the word the best way they could as well.  If one is reading this space, I would put a lot of money they’ve come across the vacancy notice the last month or so. 

What about the time needed if you become a Board member? That could’ve been an issue for some people.  But, Lutz counters with a great point: “I saw the opportunity to give back to my community. To help make it my own.” He has a family, a full-time job and still thought he had the time to help improve the Osceola community. 

Could apathy have been a factor? I’m not a stranger in covering school board or village board meetings. Are most of them anticlimactic and predictable? Yes. Do they often stray from the agenda published days in advance? The answer between that is zero to none.  

The excitement and passion shown in Village and town of Farmington meetings about the mine expansion or when Osceola teachers voiced their questions about the school reopening is the exception rather than the norm, when it comes to these types of meetings. 

Everyone might have an ulterior motive in wanting to join their local school or town board, but then it revolves down to one factor: Wanting to make their school or town better than when they first started. 

For that, Lutz should be credited. It’s almost like voting. If you don’t vote in November or any election, don’t criticize the people in office as a result. If you do criticize the town or school you’re in , do something about it, and not launch social media grenades. 

Football, football, football 

I’d like to think, I’m a rational, clear-headed person when it comes to most things. Yet, when it comes to the Minnesota Vikings football team, rationality sometimes goes out the window. 

After witnessing what happened Sunday, however, I’m rational in saying this: The Green Bay Packers are a better football team right now then the Minnesota Vikings.  

They just are. This isn’t a week one overreaction. The last two times these teams have played, the Packers have been the better team in both of them.  

They’ve won the battles along the lines and gotten better play from their quarterback. 

It’s just good to know, Jordan Love will be the Packer quarterback for the 2022 season. 

One last football thought and I think it’s something everyone on both sides of the political spectrum can agree on: Bring Big Ten football back.

Jason Schulte can be reached at editor@osceolasun.com. 


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