Jason Schulte

Everyone loves an underdog and for those who are into sports, there’s no better example of an underdog than March Madness or the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship.

I’ve tried to follow college basketball for years, so when the time comes to fill out a bracket this time of the year, I, can at least rationalize why I’m picking team A over team B. 

Very rarely do I fill out brackets for money, more about the pride factor than anything else. 

So, as this year’s tournament started last weekend, I thought to myself, this is the year for the Big Ten. 

It seemed like they had four, sometimes five of the top 10 teams in the country. At various times Michigan, Iowa or Illinois looked like they would give Gonzaga a run for their money as the best team in the country. Maybe, for the first time in 21 years, a Big Ten team would win it all. While Minnesota was long gone, I was still a fan of the conference, because it would be nice to see a title finally. 

Yeah, it doesn’t look like it. As of Monday afternoon, out of the nine teams that were selected, they are down to two. In addition, none of them have advanced to the Sweet 16. 

Speaking of the underdogs, was it fun seeing an Oral Roberts team do something that only has been done once before in the history of the tournament (A 15 seed advancing to the Sweet 16)? Absolutely. Did I have them going that far? No way. 

Or a school like Abilene Christian, which is located in Texas, defeat the University of Texas, which has an enrollment almost 11 times as much as Abilene. It’s cool to see David knock off Goliath like that even though you think there’s no chance of it happening. 

A near perfect day 

They say Sunday is known as a day of rest. While I’ve had my fair share of Sundays like that, this most recent one was far from it.

Between making a Wal-Mart run, a Costco run, taking the dog to the dog park, making supper, doing laundry and sending out a couple of emails for this job, it was one of those rare days I actually felt like I got everything done or needed to get done. 

As the day was winding down, I was asking myself, am I forgetting something and I couldn’t come up with anything. It felt weird to say the least. 

I’m surprised, but yet I shouldn’t be

There was a story, which appeared in both the Sun, and Messenger last week about the St. Croix River Region applying to become a National Heritage Area. It’s a story that affected both Minnesota and Wisconsin, so the feedback, if any, was going to be curious. 

There was feedback and while some of it did involve the Minnesota/Wisconsin angle, more of it was concerned about the government impact. 

After the initial surprise of receiving this information, I realized quickly that once again, everything could be turned political in today’s world. 


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