Suzanne Lindgren

learned something this weekend about the good people of Minnesconsin. We will go to a tree lighting event in the snow. We will attend an outdoor hockey tournament on a day so cold the players’ toes get frostbite. 

But if it snows in late May, we’re not going. Anywhere.

I went outside for 10 minutes Saturday. It was 46 degrees. I came in shivering and cancelled all plans. I felt bad about bailing at the last minute. But not nearly as bad as I wouldn’t felt spending a day venturing about in weather that belonged in March.

Turns out I was not alone in my unwillingness to bundle up. With snow in the forecast for Sunday, Marine on St. Croix cancelled Millstream Day. 

“We can handle rain, but not rain and cold,” Linda Tibbetts, one of the event’s organizers, wrote to the Messenger. 

After all, there’s set up and tear down, all for a few people to hang around in miserable weather for a few hours? Definitely not worth it. Still, I’d been looking forward to that grilled trout.

I’ve been going to Millstream Day on and off for more than 20 years. Most of those years, the weather has been summery. Some, it’s been rainy and cooler than anyone would like. But this was a new low. 

Well, almost. 

The record low for May 19 is in fact 33 degrees, set in 1961. According to the National Weather Service, it didn’t get quite that cold here on Sunday. It only dipped to 38 degrees. Why it snowed when the temperature was above freezing is not something I care to research right now. I’m still too offended to be curious.

Sunday’s high, in case you’re wondering, was 46 degrees. That’s 24 degrees lower than what’s normal for the day, 70 degrees. 

I’m not sure what the lesson in all this is, except heed the advice and don’t plant your tomatoes until Memorial Day. Don’t bring your winter coat to the dry cleaner’s, either, thinking you’re clever and getting a jump on your to-do list for fall. Too much risk. Too little reward.

The good news is, we survived. Things are looking up for the week ahead. Everything is relative, of course, which is why 60 degrees and rainy doesn’t sound so bad anymore. Summer will come, eventually, no matter what season it was or who won the crown in the finale of Game of Thrones.

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