Kwik Trip

The Kwik Trip coming to Osceola is one of the larger options and will be state of the art according to Vice President of Real Estate, Scott Teigan. 

Timeline aims for completion in Nov. 2020

The Village of Osceola Board approved the Kwik Trip development proposal Nov. 12 during their monthly meeting and presented more details about the upcoming business. It has been estimated that the business will be up and running in November of 2020.

The new building is proposed to be built south of Ridge Road and west of Highway 35 across from the municipal airport. This Kwik Trip will be their most up to date model similar to that of Menominee and is expected to be rather large. 

“It’s considered their generation two Kwik Trip, so it will be the larger of the two Kwik Trip Options,” said Village Administrator, Ben Krumenauer. “It will have, I believe, up to 20 fuel pumps, diesel fuel on the left side of the lot, a car wash, and some semi parking on the farther west side.”

There were only a few minor conflicts that the board addressed. Kwik Trip is requesting the use of two driveways for the flow of commercial traffic, but municipal code only allows for one, and there may be possibility of light pollution on Ridge Road, but is expected to be very minor to which Krumenauer added, “staff is in support of that because it only enhances our safety of these roadways. Needless to say, it’s a nice development. They really thought this out.”

Scott Teigen, Kwik Trip’s Vice President of Real Estate, planned to attend the meeting, but was unable due to personal matters. Teigen called The Sun for an interview to talk more about what the new Osceola Kwik Trip will have to offer.

“It will be a state of the art store,” he said. “It meets all the parameters of being a ‘lead’ store. It will be about 8500 square feet, plus the carwash. It will have a single lane for recreation gas, or people pulling boats and trailers. Everything that we typically sell will be there. It should be an excellent location.”

Teigen has been with Kwik Trip since 1974 and claims that they had their eyes set on Osceola but had to wait for the right opportunity. “We’ve been looking at Osceola for years,” he said. “We just didn’t want to get away from downtown, but we finally said, ‘there’s nowhere else to go downtown’ so we decided to go up the hill.”

According to Teigen, Kwik Trip is planning to build 40 new stores in 2020 and 50 more in 2021. Those state of the art stores, like the one coming to Osceola, have more to offer than a typical gas station including fresh milk, processed, packaged and shipped within 24 hours from their own production, fresh produce, and even hot chicken and “take home” meals. “We don’t put ourselves in the gas station category,” said Teigen, “We’re more of a grocery store that just happens to sell gas!”

Other Business:

The Board amended an ordinance that required a village clerk and treasurer’s position be combined. Amending the ordinance allows the village the option to hire a clerk and treasurer’s position separately.

The Board passed a resolution to create a Complete Count Committee for the upcoming 2020 U.S. Census. The overall goal of this committee is to reach out to community members to educate and encourage participation in the 2020 Census.

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