Bryan Raddatz looking for another term as President. He will be joined on the ballot by Grace Bjorklund, Joe Peterson and Yvette Varner, who are running for the trustee seats. 

Background information about yourself (age, career, family, if you are an incumbent)

BRYAN RADDATZ: Bryan “Fatboy” Raddatz – 49 years old, our family owns a local construction company, I’ve been married to Katie for 26.5 years, we have two grown children AJ and Bry who grew up here in our awesome community. We have three generations of labs that we are very fond of; much of the local community has seen them around throughout the years.

GRACE BJORKLUND: I am a widow. Lived and owed my home in Dresser for many years. I have three children, eight grandchildren, two great grandchildren. I am an incumbent. I am an active volunteer at Treasures of the Heart, Osceola and member of Zion Lutheran Church, East Farmington. 

JOE PETERSON: I am 34 years old, been married for 13 years to my wife Hannah, we have TWO amazing kids that we homeschool.  We moved to Dresser about five years ago, from Osceola. We have both lived around this area our whole lives. Six years ago I left my union construction job to start Attract Lawns (Attract Property Services) where I have the pleasure of working with my family. 

What were some of the factors that led you to run?

BRYAN RADDATZ: This is a very involved position, but thanks to a great village staff, that makes it much easier to do. That being said, I have decided to run again.

GRACE BJORKLUND: I enjoy serving the residents of Dresser and working with the employees. We are all striving to make our Village an inviting place to live, raise a family, work and play. Some of the projects I have worked on are lighting of the signs, planting trees for beautification, painting and improving Community Hall, Open House event, and resurfacing of tennis court to be done this year. All trustees were very supportive in all these enhancements.  

JOE PETERSON: I've been sitting in on Dressers town board meetings for the last 1.5 years.  I believe part of being an American is serving the community you live in. I currently sit on the Plan Commission Committee and would love the opportunity to do more. I absolutely love this community and feel vested in it's future and well being. 

What are the challenges you see for the Village over the next five years and the solutions to them?

BRYAN RADDATZ: The next few years, we’ll be focusing on getting more road maintenance done each year, sewer and water utility infrastructure upgraded as we upgrade our streets. Just like what was done in 2019 on the Horsmann and Peterson project.

The 2020 water tower painting project went very smoothly! We are hoping it will last as long as the last paint job, 29 years! We also upgraded to a new plow truck in 2020, along with a new loader ordered in March of this year. This really brings our major equipment up to date, both were 20+ years old and in need of replacement.

State Hwy 35 was upgraded through the village in 2020. That project also went very well.

We hope to keep the village moving in a positive direction. I hope to continue to bring a sense of positivity. I think that has been the best part of my last term. We have a great board and we are losing two long time members {Wayne Moberg and Richard Durand} who will be missed greatly, but this gives an opportunity for two new members. We look forward to getting to know them and working with them as we move forward.

GRACE BJORKLUND: We have five years plans for streets and equipment. The challenge is to fund these projects with the use of residents' tax dollars, grants or borrowing. The Board works diligently each year on a balanced budget and we strive to make our decisions based on the best interest of our residents and financial status. Replacing our aging infrastructure and streets will continue to be a high priority.  

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