Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip in Osceola opened on Dec. 17. According to Steve Wrobel, who works in Public Relations for Kwik Trip, Osceola has been on Kwik Trip's radar for awhile for a store location based on its proximity to La Crosse, where they are headquartered. "We believe it will be a good fit for us," he continued. Kwik Trip will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. "We're going to be available for everyone who wants us at any time of day," he said. 

While COVID-19 and the repercussions from it have gobbled up a lot of the headlines locally and nationally in 2020, the Osceola Village Board spent some time during its monthly meeting last week to talk about the success the Village has seen this year. 

“This is to let the employees, residents and department heads know,” explained Village President Jeromy Buberl. 

Among the notables:

$1.2 million in debt paid off, along with the closure of a tax increment district. 

The construction of the Veterans’ Memorial. 

Added a full-time police officer along with a position to the Utilities Department. 

The work the administration Department did in conducting five elections.

The approval of a 2021 balanced budget. 

Kwik Trip 

The Board gave approval for Kwik Trip to have a Class “A” beer and Class “A” liquor license. 

“They made our life easier,” said clerk Fran Duncanson. “They’ve been a joy to work with.” 

Operators’ license and cigarette and tobacco retail licenses were also approved. 

The business is located at 100 Ridge Road and opened up this week. 

• The approval of Jess Buberl to the Library Board. 

• Police Chief Ron Pedrys informed the Board the Police Department made 10 arrests in November. Officers made a total of 54 traffic stops, which resulted in 30 traffic citations being issued. He also noted 24 municipal citations were issued, 12 of them were for underage alcohol during one underage party. Pedrys also talked about the “Shop with a Cop” being rebranded to “Shop with a Hero.” Firefighters and EMS staff will join police officers in Christmas shopping with children and families in need. It was held at the St. Croix Falls Walmart last week. 

• Public Works Coordinator Todd Waters updated the Board that the Streets Department have trimmed trees in the right-of-ways on Cascade Street North and continuing to work south. They have also finished the final round of pothole repair in public parking lots and streets. He also added the removal of buckthorn continues in all parks with an emphasis on Schiberg Park. 

• Fire Chief Don Stark said so far in December, there have only been four runs in the Village, with two being for alarm and two for lift assist. He also informed the Board about the multiple members completing their firefighter training. 

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