What the planned expansion for Hauge Dental will look like after the Village Board approved the sale of the library building. 

Hiawatha National Bank expansion gets approval 

“I’m so happy to get this done.” 

Bob Schmidt was speaking for all those who were involved in the sale of the old Osceola Library building during the monthly board meeting last week. 

 The Village Board unanimously approved the sale of the building and the green space to Cedar Bend Church. As part of the agreement, Hauge Dental is buying the green space from Cedar Bend Church. The dental office will convert the green space for a planned addition to its building. 

The agreed price for the building is $200,000. A closing date is planned within two months. 

Village Administrator Ben Krumenauer pointed out the advantages for the Village before the final vote was taken.

“It will be $200,000 we didn’t have yesterday,” he started. “Our operating expenses will go down. (Public Works Director) Todd’s (Waters) work will go down.”

Schmidt gave his rousing endorsement after Krumenauer’s remarks. 

Tom Hauge, owner of Hauge Dental, said the planned addition, which will be a waiting room for clients. Thus has been a goal of his for a while. He hopes construction will start this winter. Hauge said he would also help with putting in a parking lot behind the old building. 

Attempts to reach Cedar Bend on what their plans were for the building were unsuccessful by the Sun’s print deadline. 

Hiawatha National Bank expansion   

The old library building being sold was far from the only business news from the meeting.

The Board also unanimously approved Hiawatha National Bank’s plans for expansion at their current building located at 409 N. Cascade Street. According to the description, plans include a first-floor renovation and expansion, construction of a new second story addition, new entrance and façade improvements and replacements of existing hard surfaces. 

Krumenauer explained Hiawatha contacted the Village  back in the spring with expansion plans. He said Hiawatha was running out of space currently and in some situations two employees were forced to share a desk. 

“The additions are going to be made with in the site,” Krumenauer said. “It’s going to be an overall, real nice addition.”

He said, pending on the weather, construction is scheduled to start within the next couple of weeks. 


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