The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is hosting a virtual open house for the public to learn about the Deer Management Assistance Program.

Join the DNR and current DMAP members in a virtual open house on Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. via Zoom. Pre-registration is not required.

The Wisconsin Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) is a cooperative effort between the DNR, landowners, and hunters to provide habitat and deer herd management assistance to those interested in managing their property for wildlife. Simply put, DMAP is a partnership for healthy deer and healthy habitat.

Wildlife and forestry professionals assist landowners with management practices that consider the ecological and social impacts white-tailed deer have on the landscape. In return, DMAP cooperators can choose to share habitat information, collect biological data and participate in DMAP workshops. This one-on-one relationship, encouraging communication and cooperation, makes DMAP a flexible and effective deer management program for private and public lands alike.

Since 2014, DMAP has helped Wisconsin landowners manage habitat for deer and other wildlife. If you enroll 160 acres or more in DMAP by March 1, 2021 you will be eligible for a site visit by a DNR wildlife biologist and forester as well as a customized management plan tailored to your property goals.

Whether you enroll a few acres or a few hundred, DMAP provides many benefits beyond the custom management plan. As a DMAP cooperator, you will:

Access assistance to improve habitat for Wisconsin’s wildlife that we all enjoy.

Receive the latest information and updates on habitat and deer management techniques and research.

Network with and learn from other conservation-minded people like you.

Participate in hands-on workshops and citizen science opportunities that focus on habitat and deer management topics.

Get to know your local natural resource professionals.

Landowners of any size may enroll in DMAP at any time. Those with less than 160 acres may combine acreage with neighboring landowners to reach the 160-acre requirement and enroll as a DMAP cooperative.

Not a landowner? Ask the owner of the property you hunt to enroll in DMAP and identify you as their authorized representative to start managing that habitat today.

Get Your Questions Answered

More information regarding DMAP and how to apply is available here.

To receive DMAP email updates and other information, sign up here. Follow the prompts and select the "Deer Management Assistance Program" option, found under Wildlife Management.

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