A map of the Trollhaugen expansion project and the areas that will be worked on over the next three years. 

The 2020-21 season for Trollhaugen is going to be memorable in more ways than one. 

The popular outdoor recreation area announced last week plans of expansion and renovation amidst a year unlike any other. 

Marsha Hovey, Marketing Director, explained these plans have been at the top of the wish list for owners Jim and Laura Rochford. 

“It’s been their dream to see the sports grow,” Hovey said. “It’s very cool of them to invest in the ski area.” 

The expansion project will go in three phrases, Hovey explained. The first phase, starting this summer will remove the two-person chairlift and replace it with a four-person chairlift. 

This will benefit beginners and those who need more assistance, she stated. 

“The older lift was intended for intermediate to expert level skiers only," she added. 

Meanwhile, work will commence on the clearing of three new trails on the east side of the “Summit Area”, which will also include the installation of new snowmaking infrastructure. 

The summer of 2022 will see the clearing of the new trails on the east side of “Summit Area” along with the installation of the snowmaking infrastructure of the expanded area and installing lighting to the expanded area. 

The final phase for the summer of 2023 will see a three-person chairlift at the “Summit Area” to service Summit and the new trails. 

Hovey explained Trollhaugen already owned the property on where the expansion is going as it primarily used in the summer for motocross and 4x4 events. 

“It was underutilized,” she said. 

The expansion news comes as Trollhaugen is going through a year to remember. 

“We thought it was going to be busy,” Hovey said. “But, we had no idea it was going to be like this.” 

Hovey said with its proximity to the Minnesota border, Twin Cities residents have flooded the business over the last few months due to the different COVID-19 restrictions between states. 

“People want to be outdoors with their family and do something that is fun and safe,” Hovey said. “Skiing has done that.” 

They aren’t the only ones. She added customers from the Eau Claire and Duluth area have visited as well. Even visitors from Colorado have visited Trollhaugen.  

“We’ve been sold out every Friday and Saturday for the last seven to eight weeks,” she explained. She added they’ve seen a wide range of skill levels – the veterans of skiing and snowboarding compared to those who haven’t skied in over 20-30 years. 

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