A.J. Simon wrapped a wounded owl found on the road side in his jacket.

The extraordinarily cold temperatures two weeks ago did not stop A.J. and Jessie Simon from attempting to take their daughter Hailey to the Olive Garden for her 11th birthday. Travel to the destination would prove to be an experience that Hailey, her younger brother Xander, and their parents will never forget.

They were traveling west on highway 64 toward Somerset, just passing the Apple River when A.J. pulled the car over to the side of the road. It wasn’t weather or car troubles that caused him to veer off the road; something interesting caught his eye. A.J noticed an odd-looking bird on the side of the highway. 

After approaching the injured owl, the Simons made the decision they couldn’t leave the bird to suffer in the frigid weather. A.J. and Jessie made phone calls to local vets

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