Have you seen the “What is Shine” signs around town? 

Set for August 5 - 11, Shine is a week of free events and services from car washes and lawn mowing to canoe trips and a pig roast. 

Now in its second year, the effort is growing.

“Last year was kind of an experimental year,” said Larry Mederich, lead pastor at Osceola Community Church. “We had 65 volunteers. This year it’s 130, from three churches, ours, Hope Church and Bethesda Lutheran. We have seven businesses supporting it. And I think it will get even bigger in the future.”

No longer recruiting workers, organizers are now looking for people to sign up for a house washing, lawn mowing, canoe trip or to spend an evening out with free babysitting. The above require registration by August 2. 

Other events — car washes, dog baths, prepaid loads at the laundromat, a kids carnival, and Sunday morning church service and pig roast — do not require registration.

Although the event is centered in Osceola, people in surrounding towns and villages are welcome to participate. 

The offerings were well received last year, Mederich reported.

“A young lady came through the car wash,” he said. “She had the whole back of her car full of laundry. … I told her my wife was doing free laundry over at the laundromat. She almost cried.”

Shine volunteers power washed 12 houses last year and approximately seven dogs. Some 400 children came through for the kids carnival. 

“And parents loved the parents night out,” Mederich said. “They got to get away and it didn’t cost them a penny.”

For volunteers, Mederich described Shine as “the mission trip where you can sleep in your own bed.”

“It’s just people who want to show God’s love to our community,” he said. “There’s nothing confrontational about it. If someone’s there we’ll ask if they have any prayer requests.”

A Sunday outdoor worship service and pig roast at Mill Pond Park will round out the week. This year, two pigs will be roasted and served August 11, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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