Snap Fitness

The updated Snap Fitness is twice the size and features new flooring, more machines, and Myzone and MYFIT technology.


A new decade is looming on the horizon, and Osceola’s Snap Fitness location has undergone a makeover just in time. Fresh off an update of the facility’s interior, including new flooring and more machines, the establishment took on yet another endeavor, doubling in size and incorporating Myzone technology and its partner program, MYFIT, into the workout experience.

After next-door neighbor Summit Custom Interiors went out of business, Snap Fitness acquired the space. Owner Darcy Brookins felt the previous area was too small to fulfill its potential, and thought an expanded facility would better serve members in meeting their exercise needs.

“We wanted to incorporate the functional training aspect of [fitness], as well,” Brookins said. “It’s not so much the machines … more of how your body moves, day to day, enhancing those types of muscle groups in your body instead of just static exercising. It’s a little bit healthier and actually better for you.”

Additionally, more free weights will be available for member use in the former Summit location.

Myzone and MYFIT, whose implementation was the other major aspect of the transition, officially partnered with Snap Fitness in September 2018. Now, all locations in the United States, Australia and New Zealand are required to feature Myzone technology. But what are these products, exactly? 

MYFIT is a cardio-based virtual workout that centers around high intensity interval training (HIIT). It features video demonstrations and helpful information about each exercise such as recommended heart rate. Myzone, meanwhile, boasts a line of wearable devices that, when hooked up to the TV, track the participant’s heart rate in comparison with their desired heart rate and assigns different colored “zones” to various stages of the workout process. 

“Your gray zone is for warming up,” Brookins said, for example. “Green zone is your fat-burning zone.”

Brookins marked the formal end of construction with a grand re-opening of the location the last weekend in June. However, she’s looking forward to more changes: come September, similar revisions will begin at Snap Fitness’ Somerset venue, which she also owns.

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