Polk County deputies are better prepared to perform their duties today, declared Sheriff Waak at the Nov. 12 Polk County Board of Supervisors meeting. 

During this meeting, Sheriff Waak shared the benefits that the Polk County Police Department is experiencing due to the Federal 1033 Asset Sharing Program. 

This program guarantees the free use of excess military grade equipment for local police departments, while only paying for shipping costs.

To date, the Defense Logistics Agency has transferred extra military equipment to approximately 8,000 federal and state law enforcement agencies. 

According to Waak, the Polk County Police Department has accumulated over one million dollars worth of military equipment for his deputies.

Such equipment includes “grade A” medical kits, scopes and lights, all of which “are great benefits to the tax payer.” 

The purpose of this equipment is to “help deputies do their job” because since proper equipment is so expensive: the medical kits costing $200, scopes costing $1500 and lights costing $5500; most officers must use outdated technology. 

But thanks to this program, Waak is ecstatic to present his fellow officers with the equipment they need to do their jobs, promoting better safety for our Polk County residents.

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