The Osceola School Board rejected all four bids for parcels of land associated with the school forest in a meeting last Wednesday. The district accepted bids on the land in two parcels in two options.

Option one was for 20.120 acres and received one bid from Eric Hallen. Hallen bid $31,500 for the parcel, which was given a comparable fair market price by realtors of $7,265 per acre. 

Board member Brian Meyer, citing a discussion of proposed cuts if the referendum doesn’t pass that occurred earlier in the meeting which included the agriculture department, said that there was no way he could support the sale of the property. Meyer felt it was futile to get money for the land, which was donated to the ag department, if the ag department was going to be cut.

The board rejected the bid.

Option 2 for two combined parcels with a total of 73.280 acres had three bids. The comparable fair market price was $4,000 an acre. Thomas Klugow bid $352,000, Louis Whall bid $100,000 and Seth and Diane Montgomery bid $366,000.

Whall’s bid was rejected.

Board member Pete Kammerud stated he was unsure if the real estate market was going to get better than it is currently. Meyer reiterated his opposition to the sale if the ag department is “on the chopping block.”

Meyer made a motion to deny all bids, seconded by Kammerud. Kammerud and Meyer voted for the motion, board members Rosanne Anderson, Brooke Kulzer and Craig Brunclik voted against the motion, which failed by a vote of 3-2.

Kulzer made a motion to accept the high bid of the Montgomerys, seconded by Brunclik. Kulzer and Brunclik voted yes, Anderson, Kammerud and Meyer voted no. The motion failed on a 3-2 vote.

Anderson made a motion to approve Klugow’s bid. It failed for lack of a second.

To conclude the exercise, a motion was made to reject all bids, which passed 5-0.

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