The Osceola School Board heard from staff members Olivia Willett, Erin Morrison and Erin Larson, who spoke on behalf of the Cultural Responsivity Team during a meeting Aug. 19. 

The team started this summer as 19 staff members met six times to launch it. It’s also well represented – members of all four buildings and the District office are represented in the group.  

The trio talked about its action plan – ALL (Advocate, Listen, Learn) and how that will be enacted over the following months. Under advocate, visuals will be used, which will include posters, yard signs, stickers and T-shirts. Featured within the Elementary and Intermediate school will be signs saying, “All are welcome here” and at the Middle and High School will be “Hate Has No Home Here.”

For listen, the goal is to provide tools and platforms to foster communication for students and staff. The three said getting more books for children at a younger level is needed.  And for learn, it’s evaluate and challenging current practices, recognize biases and creating a resource lists for staff. 

“We are ready to do this work,” said Willett. 

Other news

Director of Instruction Becky Styles gave an update on enrollment numbers for the Osceola Virtual Academy. As of the meeting, there were 114 students enrolled, with 33 in the elementary, 16 in the intermediate, and 26 in the middle and 39 in the high school. Styles stressed the importance of the Academy, because if it wasn’t for it, 51 would have open enrolled out and 21 would have been home schooled. 

Approved the hire of Megan Ellison as a first grade teacher and the resignation of Jackie Awe as a Pre-K aide. 

Following the District’s recommendation, the Board selected Bray Architects as the architectural firm following presentations made during the Aug. 5 board meeting. 

Heard from Business Manager Lynette Edwards who gave a preview of the proposed 2020-21 budget for the annual meeting, scheduled for 7 p.m., Monday, Sept. 14 in the Intermediate School Media Room. 

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