Jocelyn Shimon with “Sandra Silberzweig Inspired Portrait,” for which she earned a Sargent Art Award.


Fourth grader, Jocelyn Shimon recently had a piece of her artwork, “Sandra Silberzweig Inspired Portrait,” on display at the Wisconsin Art Education Association›s Youth Art Month (YAM) State Exhibition. She was one of three students chosen by her art teacher, Jennifer Clemins, to have artwork submitted to this prestigious exhibition.  

Shimon is this year’s recipient for the Sargent Art Award (elementary division). On April 3, at the closing ceremony for the exhibition at the state capitol, Shimon received a certificate and bag full of Sargent Art brand art supplies. Sargent Art, a strong supporter of arts education in Wisconsin, has been a leading supplier of art materials since 1936. Each year, the company gives out four awards at the State YAM Exhibition, one per grade level division (elementary, middle and high) as well as one grand prize award—a trip to New York City to visit a variety of art museums there.

“Jocelyn is very deserving of this award, and I am so very proud of her and all the hard work she puts into her art projects each class time,” said Clemins.  “We have not had an award winner at the state level from SCF since 2013. The artwork at this level is of a high caliber, so this is a great honor and opportunity for Jocelyn.” 

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