Rose comments about lack of women on committees


It started out as an appointment to a commission; the end result was a call to action for equal representation. 

An agenda item on the Osceola Village Board meeting Nov. 10 called for Carl Rossi to be named to the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners. 

While village board member Deb Rose didn’t have an issue with Rossi’s nomination, and he was subsequently approved, there was another issue on her mind. 

Rose said over 40 positions are appointed to either commissions/committee in the Village. Only eight of them are filled by women. In addition, she said, if one takes away the Library Board, which consists of one male and four women, the percentage gets even worse. 

“The representation doesn’t reflect our town,” Rose continued. “It’s something we have to look at. 

“I’ve been on the Board for seven years, and for six of them, I’ve been the only female…I’ve tried my best to get women. Now it’s the job of everyone to start recruiting.”

According to the Village’s website, there are eight openings on committees/commissions: Airport, Board of Appeals (two), Ethics, Historic Preservation, Library and Redevelopment Authority (two). 

Staff reports 

The Fire Department reported the Friends of Osceola Fire and Rescue would be supporting the purchase of an industrial grade compressor for building and apparatus support. The replacement of the existing compressor model will be around $450, the upgrade has an approximate cost $1,450. The Friends will support the upgrade and replacement cost. 

Osceola Police made nine arrests along with issuing 37 citations during October. Chief Ron Pedrys stated Halloween was a success from a law enforcement point of view, as no drivers were cited. He said the crowds were moderate, but appeared smaller than past years. He also noted about the three burglaries within the Village last month and all three are still under investigation. Board member Van Burch inquired about the drug bust within the Village in which eight people were arrested. Pedrys said due to the size and scope a joint effort was needed, so he offered thanks to the Polk County Sheriff’s Department and St. Croix Valley Drug Task Force for their assistance. 

Public Works talked about street sweeping. It began last month and is continuing sp leaves and debris can be removed. The library stated their circulation rate is still very close to the last two months, signaling to them the success of their drive-up window. 


  • Approved the endorsement of the 2021 budget. Village Administrator Ben Krumenauer stated a public hearing on the Budget would be held 6 p.m., Nov. 30, with a board meeting to follow. The Village is waiting for final numbers from Polk County before finalizing, which is expected before the date. 
  • Approval to Katherine Hobbs and Crystal Cook for operator’s license for PYs and Mini Mart respectively. Cook’s request was tabled for a month over her past, but this month there was no debate as the Village reported background checks and educational requirements satisfied. 
  • Approved the services contract with Johnson and Block for annual auditing and state reporting services. 
  • Approved the refuse and recycling contract with Waste Management of Wisconsin through 2023. Residents will see an increase over the next three years. For example, a 64-gallon bin, which is $12.32 in 2020, will be $13.36 in 2023. 


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