Jamie Fahrenkrug (left) meets with a client at Health Esteem, a new health and wellness business in Osceola.


Health Esteem prioritizes weight loss and confidence


Nearly 1000 pounds (962.2 to be exact) have been collectively lost by clients of Health Esteem, a new health and wellness business that opened in March of this year in Osceola. Results often speak for themselves, but owner of Health Esteem, Jamie Fahrenkrug, is able to put into words why this program has been so quickly successful.

Fahrenkrug is a local certified health and wellness coach who grew up in St. Croix Falls with a Bachelor’s Degree in applied science. After working as an athletic trainer for several years, she decided to bring the program that was once at St. Croix Falls Regional Medical Center to Osceola where she currently resides.

“I worked at St. Croix Regional Medical Center for four years as an athletic trainer and it slowly started morphing into being a health and wellness coach,” she says. “By the third year I made the switch as a clinical health and wellness coach and I decided to take the leap in March to start my own business.”

“I do health consultations primarily helping people to lose weight,” says Fahrenkrug. “90 % of the time that’s what people are hoping to do with a business like this and weight contributes to so many other issues.” After helping people lose weight for three years, and opening her own business to do just that, Fahrenkrug had the opportunity to invent her own image of what her program looks like, starting with the name.

“I decided to go with Health Esteem because there’s usually more than the weight that clients want to lose,” she says. “There is this big stigma on weight and image and all these things that center around weight which really affects self esteem. So I decided to put a spin on it and call it ‘Health Esteem’ to emphasize the focus that clients should have on their health and their own self-esteem. My motto is ‘progression, not perfection.’”

Health Esteem focuses on consultation from private one-on-one sessions to couples or friends who want to join together. The program then focuses on a four-pronged approach that focuses around ideal protein intake. 

Those four phases in a nutshell focus on losing weight quickly through meal replacement, transitioning back to normal caloric intake, continuing maintenance, and then slowly gravitating out of the program while putting its practices into every day life.

“People need to look at phase four as what they’re going to do for the rest of their lives,” says Fahrenkrug. “The guidelines that they follow during that phase are what their new lives should look like. If you go back to thinking you’re where you want to be and don’t keep up you can expect to gain the weight back.” 

Without a program like Health Esteem’s within a 40-mile radius, Fahrenkrug wanted to keep it local by opening in Osceola. At her current location, she hopes to reach out to communities in Polk County and has her mind set on a particular long-term goal.

“Polk County has an obesity rate that’s roughly 30%,” she says. “I would love to see that rate drop. My big goal with this program is to impact that rate and have Health Esteem be a part of that.” 

Jamie Fahrenkrug can be reached at 715-600-6278 or info.healthesteem@gmail.com

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