All four Osceola school principals gave updates to the School Board on how life has been like inside their buildings since the first day during the board meeting Sept. 2. 

“We had a great first day back,” said High School Principal Adam Spiegel. He went on to further state feedback from parents has been positive and all staff are pitching in whenever possible. 

“The kids are quieter with masks,” he continued, which drew laughs from those in attendance. He also stated, he believes they are happy to be back in school. 

Middle School Principal Amanda Meyer opined seeing kids in the hallway and talking has been good for everyone. She further stated, if possible, many classes are being held outside.

Intermediate Principal Julie Bender explained once they took care of the traffic concerns on the first day, it’s been smooth sailing.

“We can laugh at it now,” she said. She also commented on the students and staff supporting each other the first week. 

Elementary Principal Lindsay Thomas said the first six days were “great”.

“Kids are doing phenomenal,” she continued. “They are doing their best to maintain social distancing. The staff has been incredible.”

Attendance for 

sporting events 

Activities Director Scott Newton gave the latest news on attendance for sporting events.  For outdoor events, athletes have been given four tickets, while indoor events, athletes are getting two tickets.

“We will not be taking admissions or concessions,” he continued. 

He did alert those in attendance due to Pierce County Health Regulations, Prescott and Ellsworth are not allowing any fans in attendance. Superintendent Mark Luebker added it’s unknown at this point if fellow high school students will attend athletic events. 

Other action

The Board accepted Rebecca Larson’s retirement as Kids Klub Supervisor after 21 years and thanked her for her years of service. 

Zachary Lauridsen and Kaitlyn Burr were approved as assistant football and volleyball coaches respectively. 

Heard from Polk County board member John Bonneprise who addressed the ongoing drug situation in the county and the rising arrests, which have resulted.

Heard from District resident Scott Sirek who spoke about the issue of U.S. flags on school grounds. "If we limit students' rights, we will get sued," he opined.  

Announced the annual meeting will be 7 p.m., Monday, Sept. 14 in the Intermediate School Media Room and the next regular meeting is 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 23 in the Middle School IMC. 

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