There were not many public comments at the beginning of the August’s regular meeting of the Polk County Board, in fact only one. When it ended, Polk County Chair Chris Nelson called the language used, “Showing poor character.”

Reverend Donna Martinson, a resident of Garfield Township, made the public comments. She said she was attending as a participant of Amery United, an anti-racism group and was concerned over remarks that have been made on social media by Tom Magnafici, West Central Planning Commission and newly appointed Polk County Board Supervisor, Sharon Kelly.

Martinson apologized for the language she was about to use as she quoted Magnafici’s April Facebook post concerning Governor Evers cancellation of the election. The post contained multiple expletives. 

Next, Martinson read a statement she said was posted by Kelly on the St. Croix Library page, which was later deleted. “Black Lives Matter burns our cities, is hell bent on destroying our society and is demanding the defunding of our police department,” said Martinson quoting Kelly. She said she found Kelly’s statement to be false, racist and inflammatory.

Martinson said she wondered if there were others people would be proud to represent the County instead.

Nelson asked that Malia Malone, Corporation Counsel, redact the inappropriate language in the minutes.

In other business, Nelson appointed Supervisor Fran Duncanson to the Apple River Protection and Rehabilitation District and Supervisor Jay Luke to the WestCAP board of directors and the board approved the appointments.

A presentation took place to show how Government Center improvements could make the building more “customer-centric.” Discussion took place over which improvement were would ultimately be necessary as it is a costly project broken down into two phases.

After a closed session discussion, the board reconvened and a motion was called, “Authorizing the county to issue a RFP to gauge interest in the possible sale of the Lime Quarry.”

The quarry is owned by the county for providing agricultural lime to county farmers, but has seen a loss over time.

The resolution voted on would explore the possibility of selling and was voted as a “yes” by all supervisors with the exception of John Bonneprise.

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