Boogie Knights

Osceola Intermediate School’s team Boogie Knights took first in their category at the state Destination Imagination competition last Saturday. Left to right: Jasmyn Walstead, Ruby Demulling, Owen Cherney, Reegan Kulzer, Carter Stueve, Ava Schueller, Claire Johnson. The team is eligible to attend the global competition in late May.

Osceola Intermediate School’s Destination Imagination team, Boogie Knights, took first last weekend in the statewide DI contest.

Destination Imagination is a creative problem solving competition with seven categories: scientific, fine arts, improvisational, structural, service learning, technical and a noncompetitive early learning challenge for young students. Teams select a category in the fall and work on it until the competition date.

Under the guidance of coach Rebecca Bystrom, team members Claire Johnson, Ava Schueller, Reegan Kulzer, Jasmyn Walstead, Carter Stueve, Owen Cherney, Ruby Demulling took on the scientific challenge, “Medical Mystery.” Students were asked to research the inner workings of the human body and present a story about a person affected by medical mystery. They also had to design a Sympt-O-Matic that would help them use symptoms as clues guiding the way to a diagnosis.

In the Boogie Knights’ story, dance-off competitors are hit with runny noses, blood-shot eyes and clogged ears. The team’s presentation simultaneously showed a Disco Dance Off and a close up view of infected body parts.

The team earned top marks at the competition in Green Bay April 13, taking first of the 16 teams in their category.

The Global Finals are in the United States this year — Kansas City, Mo. — and state-level winners are eligible to attend. At press time, parents had yet to decide whether to attend, as money would need to be raised. The global competition is May 22-25. 

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