Among the topics of discussion at the Town of Osceola’s March 3 board meeting were a new website, email security, and even a town Facebook page. Following the lead of other municipalities, the town elected to hire the Easy IT Guys of St. Croix Falls to help with these tech-based improvements and others to the township.

Cyber security has become increasingly more important in recent years for government bodies all the way down to the local level. The board has decided to improve the town’s website and emails because of this with the hope that other improvements like user friendliness will follow. 

“We’re looking at getting a bunch of technology type items to get us up to date as a township,” said supervisor Brandon Whittaker, “We’re looking at getting town emails instead of using Yahoo and personal emails, we’re looking at getting security for all the computers we have, and rebuilding our new website which is currently not secure.” 

The board then heard a short presentation from Easy IT Guys CEO, Chuck Van Duynhoven, who answered questions and concerns from the board. The questions ranged from direct website cybersecurity, email security, network management and social media policies. With questions answered, the board motioned to move forward with Easy IT Guys and build two secure emails and three security system packages for the current town computers. The expense was set not to exceed $1300 for the current package and may include more coverage at a later date. 

The decision to further discuss creating an official town Facebook page, something already implemented by other municipalities in the area, was pushed to the coming board meeting in April. 

The page would likely be used for basic public information like meetings, emergencies, street closures and other announcements that would otherwise not be seen. 

The steps taken to increase cybersecurity, include social media and rebuild the current website have been the topic of several meetings with concerns from board members and public alike. With the decision to work with Easy IT Guys, the Town of Osceola is taking a step toward modernity that could better the township and resident life alike.

Other Business

The board approved a full settlement and final release of all claims regarding a defamation claim against the Town of Osceola from Andrew Marshall and his law firm, Bassford Remmele. After which, supervisor Whittaker read a letter of apology aloud referring to statements made about Marshall at a previous town board meeting.

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