Two Osceola students plan to use World Water Day, March 22, as an occasion to share information with their peers about the global status of fresh, clean water.

“This World Water Day event is centered around the global water crisis, and what we can do to help change it,” Emily Fox and Brooke Bents wrote to the Sun. At the event, there will be various informational booths about clean water, along with water-inspired items for sale such as water bottles, handmade clay keychains, and stickers. Proceeds will be given to the Kimu Primary School located in a refugee zone in Uganda, through the organization H2O for Life. With these funds, the school will be able to obtain a new borehole well. The school has 32 disabled children, 97 refugee children, and 334 able-bodied local Ugandan children. “All of these students are in urgent need of clean water,” Fox and Bents wrote. “This event is in place to educate everyone about the importance of preserving our water, while also connecting our community on a global level.”Their efforts are part of the high school’s Why Wait program, which encourages students to help solve issues that matter to them without waiting for a prompt to do so.“We chose this project because we are both very passionate about finding reliable water sources for everyone in less developed countries,” wrote Fox and Bents. “Many people do not know the struggle that so many souls face daily when trying to find clean water. We hope this event brings awareness to a huge issue on a global level, an issue that our community can get behind and take part in.”They are also partnering with the Osceola Middle School. 

“This will not only inform them of ways to save their water,” they noted, “but will also allow them to take part in a global project where they are helping kids their own age.”

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