The Osceola School Board set last week’s meeting as the date to review and approve bids for the potential sale of the school forest/farm. 

The item brought up plenty of debate and discussion. 

The first parcel of land was just over 20 acres, located in the town of Osceola. There were two bids for the land: $31,500 and $75,000, which were appraised for $145,000. 

Based off of the appraisal, board member Brian Meyer motioned to reject both bids. 

“I think there’s more potential there,” he said. “It’s not costing the District anything.”

Fellow board member Pete Kammerud agreed with Meyer, but the other members – Brooke Kulzer, Kysa Marten and Lanette Johnson disagreed. 

Marten then made the motion to accept the $75,000 bid, submitted by Seth and Diane Montgomery, which Kulzer and Johnson agreed to. Meyer and Kammerud disagreed. 

The second parcel was for 73.2 acres in the town of Farmington. Three bids were submitted – one for $140,000, $405,000 and $407,000.    

The appraised value for the land was comparable to the $407,000, so the motion was made to accept the $407,000 bid, submitted by Tom and Rose Klugow.  

“I can’t see us using it,” Kammerud said. “The dollar value was fair.” 

All approved except Meyer. 

Meyer made the motion earlier in the discussion for the revenue of the sale to provide future agriculture opportunities for District students on school grounds, which was approved. Superintendent Mark Luebker predicted the closing would occur in the next 60-90 days. 

The land was purchased by the School District from Willard Berg, which was used to support the Ag and FFA programs in the District and enhance agriculture for District students. It was registered as an official school forest in 1958.  

Other items 

-- The Board received an update about the COVID matrix notification. From Jan. 7-20, there were four new cases at the elementary school, three at the intermediate school, five at the middle school and one at the high school. Along with the 238 new cases county wide, the learning model for the District will be face to face, Jan. 25-Feb. 5. The next review will be Feb. 3, for implementation Feb. 8.  

-- The Board approved the idea of moving its meetings from the Middle School Library to the High School Auditorium, starting with its Feb. 10 meeting. Meeting times and the 2021-22 Board schedule were tabled until the same meeting as well.

-- Approved open enrollment availability for the 2021-22 school year. In terms of special education open enrollment availability, eight students could be welcomed at the elementary school, four at the intermediate school, and four at the middle school and two at the high school. 

-- Summer school dates were approved. Those were June 7-30 (18 days in session) and Aug. 26, 27, 30 and 31.  

-- The Youth Sports Facilities Usage was approved. Items of note include only players and coaches being allowed inside for practices, players must come dressed to practice as they are not allowed to change in the locker room and players and coaches must wear facial coverings at all times. Each player will be allowed one spectator during games. 

-- Discussed inclement weather planning. The decision was made to give staff and students one free day and will take each day after that case by case on how it will be made up. 

-- The Board accepted the resignations of Lisa Hanson, Bus Driver and Miranda Hanson, Kids Klub aide.

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