An Osceola man was charged in Polk County Circuit Court last week with attempted first-degree intentional homicide along with possession of a firearm by a felon. 

Chad Grant Transue, 36, 312 240th Ave., is looking at a maximum 60 years prison if convicted of homicide charge and 10 years prison and/or $25,000 fine for the firearm possession charge. 

His initial appearance is scheduled for 1 p.m., March 17. 

According to the criminal complaint:

Polk County sheriff’s investigators received notification of an unreported shooting thanks to police officers in New Richmond and Somerset, who both received information about it. 

Investigators started interviewing Witness 1, who said he witnessing the shooting Jan. 30. He said he went to Witness 2’s residence on 30th Ave., just east of East Farmington. He said he got a ride to the residence, just so he could get a ride home. Upon entering the home, he saw Transue and Witness 2. He said Witness 2 would give him a ride home. He also told authorities he saw a .308 caliber rifle, black in color. 

Walking back out to the car and talking to Victim 1, Witness 1 heard three to four gunshots and then saw Transue running toward the car and yelling something in regards to “give me your money” and something about “give me the car.” He then believed he heard one to two gunshots with Transue standing next to the driver’s door.  He then heard Victim 1 telling the female driver to “get out of here”. The car began to move as Transue pointed the gun at the passenger door. He fired one round. 

Witness 1 said he later talked to Victim 1 and confirmed he had been shot in the leg, but refused to go to a hospital.

Investigators were able to obtain video footage, which corroborated Witness 1’s statements. Witness 2 said while she and Transue were talking and found out Victim 1 was in the car, Transue made a comment about “robbing them”. She confirmed she saw Transue with a pistol and the rifle as well. 

Transue left the residence after the alleged shooting only to return approximately 30 minutes later. She said he came into the kitchen, grabbed his cell phone and some other items and left again. 

She stated Victim 1 and Witness 1 were there to bring methamphetamine and Victim 1 was the person providing the methamphetamine. 

Witness 1 was reinterviewed a second time at the New Richmond Police Department Feb. 11. He admitted he was at the home to deliver methamphetamine with Victim 1. Upon further questioning, when he told Transue who Victim 1 was, he described Transue as coming out of a slumber, grabbing a pistol and putting a bullet in the chamber. Witness 1 said Victim 1 told him he never went to the doctor because he has warrants out of Minnesota. 

The next day, investigators received a call from Transue, stating he wanted to talk. When it was explained to him, they have him on video shooting Victim 1; he said he wanted an attorney. The conversation ended. 

On Feb. 16, Victim 1 wanted to talk. He told investigators Transue shot him and in two spots. . He also supplied investigators with the bullet. He said he had not spoken to Transue for at least five years and the two do not get along. 

Transue was convicted of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon in Ramsey County last year along with driving a vehicle with consent in 2017 in Polk County. 

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