David Smith

Osceola Interiors owner David Smith is scaling back, but will be available by appointment.


Osceola Interiors owner David Smith marked items down last week in preparation for all but moving from his shop. 

Heading into a partial retirement, Smith will keep a booth with window treatments and take appointments for interior design consultations.

“I’m still calling myself Osceola Interiors,” he said. “I’m just not going to have the showroom I had.”

After more than three decades at the business — 22 years as the store’s owner and 10 years working there before that — he aims to scale back his hours.

“I want to spend more time with my family, my children and grandchildren,” he said. “I’d like them to know me and not just think of me as the store.”

Treasure Alley, an occasional sale shop currently in St. Croix Falls, will move into the building.

“It’s not like I’m totally leaving but it will be different. I’m going to miss my customers and the town,” said Smith, who was recognized by the Osceola Chamber last year for excellent customer service. “We love the community, the support you get from each other. Even when the main street was torn up from building to building, I would go out to people’s homes. It’s a good feeling knowing they’re supporting you when it’s a hard time.”

The businesses work together too, he noted. 

“If I know something is at The Granary, I can send someone there. Or I’ll say, ‘Have you seen what they have at Coming Home, Wildwood Flowers or the Looking Glass?’”

Helping people plan and furnish their surroundings has been a good fit for Smith, who was an art teacher in St. Paul before he started at Osceola Interiors.

“I felt I used my art background a lot,” he said. “This was another form of teaching because a lot of people aren’t comfortable with picking colors, textures and fabrics.

I was able to meet a person, hear some of their story and know what they were going to like. I could visit their house and say, ‘It looks like you like an Up North theme. Let’s fill in around that.’”

Although he’s eager to spend more time with his family, Smith had mixed feelings about closing his showroom.

“Leaving is almost like having a death in the family,” he said. “For the last month people who knew this was going to happen would come in and be crying. I would get teary eyed. It’s been a hard thing to deal with. 

“I wish the new owners the best,” he concluded, “and will be renting a spot from them for awhile.”

For appointments, Smith can be reached at the Osceola Interiors phone number: 715-294-2154.

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