The Osceola High School floriculture team of Rachel Nelson, Amber Newman, Paige Haberle and Emily Jaroscak will be competing at Nationals.


Future Farmers of America is a club at Osceola High School. This organization allows students to compete in a variety of events. They are given the opportunity to learn many new things and grow as an individual. FFA have over ten different divisions. This year at OHS the floriculture division has earned the opportunity to go to Nationals. 

“I encourage everyone to join,” Rachel Nelson stated. “I’ve grown tremendously in my leadership skills, in my speaking skills and as a person.”

This year’s floriculture team is Rachel Nelson, Amber Newman, Emily Jaroscak, and Paige Haberle. They competed in the floriculture Career Development Event (CDE). Horse judging, cow judging, food science and soils are just some of the many different CDEs in FFA. For the state competition this year they took four different tests. They had to make six different arrangements in an hour, take a written test, an ID test and a job interview. This is the first time a team from Osceola’s floriculture division is going to Nationals. 

“I didn’t expect to join FFA ever,” explained Haberle. “I became really close with my team, and we did really good. I’m glad I could help the team.” 

This FFA team doesn’t have a coach. Usually teams from other schools have coaches for each CDE and practice weekly. Paul Jakupciak is their advisor and encourages them to study and helps them in any way they need. However, this team has taken it upon themselves to create their own study material and study on their own time. 

“We take it upon ourselves to study,” stated Nelson.  “We met once a week for the past few weeks going into the state competition.”

At the state competition this year Nelson was first individually, Newman was second, Haberle was seventh and Jaroscak was eighth. 

“We studied together and pushed each other to study and to do well,” Nelson said.

Once these four high school girls go to Nationals they cannot compete again in that event. The prize money is $1,000 for the top individual and $1,000 for each member on the winning team. Osceola will be representing Wisconsin this year on October 30 through November 2 at the national FFA convention in Indianapolis. 

“For four years I’ve competed and I’ve loved every moment. My freshman year it was my dream to go to Nationals and now this dream has finally come true to me,” explained Rachel Nelson.

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