Cale Kirby

Osceola graduate Cale Kirby works for the Kansas City Chiefs and had the opportunity to hold the Lombardi trophy.


Osceola can claim a small piece of the Super Bowl LIV Lombardi Trophy given to the top team in the National Football League. Kansas City Chief quarterback Patrick Mahomes was named the most valuable player of the game that KC won over the San Francisco 49ers by a score of 31-20 after overcoming a 20-10 fourth quarter deficit. Running back Damien Williams was a force for the winning team piling up 104 yards rushing on 17 carries and scored a touchdown. 

There is another name that contributed to the Kansas City win but is probably not too recognizable outside of the Chief’s organization. The name however should ring a bell in Osceola. The name is Cale Kirby who is in his sixth year as assistant equipment manager with the Chiefs.

Kirby got his start as equipment manager by being a student manager for the Osceola Chieftain football team in 1998 and 1999. He graduated from Osceola in 2000. Kirby did not take a direct route to his current position in Kansas City but he has been involved in professional sports for most of his working life.

“I worked with Green Bay from 2002 to 2008 and also worked with the Frankfurt Galaxy in NFL Europe in the springs and summers of ‘05-’07,” Kirby said. “During the 2007 season in Frankfurt, the equipment staff was me and my assistant Kyle Crumbaugh. After leaving Green Bay in ‘08 I worked for a few minor league baseball teams until 2013 and then got the itch to get back into football. Kyle was working with the Chiefs and got me in to work a few games in 2013. From that, combined with the help of Green Bay connections with GM John Dorsey and scouting assistant Dan Zegers, I was hired by Allen Wright, the head equipment manager of the team. I’ve been here since.”

No doubt the Lombardi Trophy is special to anyone who has a connection to it. For someone coming from Wisconsin it is even more special. Not many people from the town of Osceola have been able to handle such a valued treasure, but one former Chieftain and current Chief has. Kirby was all smiles when he got his hands on the ultimate football trophy.

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