After some deliberation, the Town of Osceola Board of Supervisor’s elected to hire Public Administration Associates, LLC, to conduct municipal consulting services during their monthly meeting October 1. 

Public Administration Associates is a consulting firm that specializes in local government, interim management services and organizational studies. Some of their previous clients are the City of Hudson, St. Croix Falls, the villages of Hammond, Osceola, and Somerset and Polk County. The cost for their service is $4700.

“What Public Administration Associates will do for us is come here and evaluate our town,” explained Whittaker at the meeting. “They will evaluate the workload of current employees, they will evaluate policies we have in place, then they will compare us to towns in the state of Wisconsin that are close to our size and give us feedback.”

“We will provide the Town with the performance of an audit of the village’s organizational structure and staffing as well as its operational processes with the work product of a detailed report that will contain recommendations to improve the future efficiency and effectiveness of the Town government,” said PAA President Kevin M. Brunner. 

“The final organizational audit report should include an implementation schedule for both short-term and long-term actions to be considered by the Town Board.”

Although the position of the Town of Osceola Clerk/Treasurer will soon be left open pending the resignation of the current staff, the Board decided to hold off on the hiring process for a new clerk/treasurer until the organizational study has been completed. In hopes of helping the issue, two community members volunteered their time without pay to serve as part-time employees while the study is conducted and a new Clerk/Treasurer employee is hired.

PAA is expected to begin their third-party survey this week and will present a full report at a regular monthly board meeting after all their data have been collected. The board will then proceed on further actions regarding full and part time employment when they have the consultation from the survey results.


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