Osceola Auto Body owner Dan Tronrud has joined Kwik Trip in its offer to purchase tax delinquent property in Osceola. 

If the county board approves the offer, Tronrud will acquire a 25-acre portion of land west of the body shop’s current property. 

“I got wind that Kwik Trip had made an offer on the land,” Tronrud said. “I was interested so I asked to be part of it. The logical direction of expansion is straight west. That’s the land I was interested in.”

Tronrud reached out to Kwik Trip CFO Scott Tiegen in late January. In early February, Kwik Trip increased its original purchase offer from $250,000 to $355,000. The increase means that if the county accepts the offer, taxpayers would fully recoup the $351,231 in unpaid taxes and associated spending on the properties. 

“We thought it was in our best interest to put in an offer to purchase together,” said Tronrud. “And I have to say, the whole experience I had with Kwik Trip and Scott has been great. They’re a class act. Scott is one of the nicest people I’ve ever dealt with. They’re a good neighbor to have.”

Tronrud and Tiegen were scheduled to present details of the purchase offer to Polk County Board members Tuesday, Feb. 19, shortly after the publication of this article. A resolution approving the sale was also on the board’s agenda for possible approval. The county’s Environmental Services Committee recommended accepting the offer, which sunsets Feb. 22.

Kwik Trip hopes to close the sale by June 30.

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