Rural Health Clinic

Osceola Medical Center – one of only 74 in the state – has been certified as a Rural Health Clinic by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. In on the award are, from left, McGee Smith, LPN, Clinic manager; Misty Charlier, CAO; Dr. Jennifer Belisle; and Matt Forge, CEO. 


Osceola Medical Center has received final approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid as a Rural Health Clinic (RHC). It joins the ranks of only 74 other RHCs in the state.

In announcing the approval, the centers complimented OMC on being “an exemplary provider for demonstrating outstanding healthcare delivery practices,” according to Misty Charlier, clinic administrative officer at OMC.

“We were able to accomplish this because of all of the great effort everyone put into ensuring we were successful,” Charlier said.

The RHC program is intended to provide better access to primary care services for Medicaid and Medicare patients in rural communities through the increased use of midlevel practitioners such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Its services can range from the acute to primary health needs, including urgent problems. Certification occurs after meeting all the necessary requirements of the Rural Health Clinic Services Act and successfully completing a rigorous inspection by the Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services. Unannounced inspections by the State also are required that evaluate, in part, the organizational structure, staffing and services provided.

This certification “further demonstrates our dedication to providing high quality, cost-effective health care services to our communities,” said OMC’s Rene Milner, chief medical officer. “It’s another step in our path to becoming a comprehensive community health care solution for our friends, family and neighbors.”


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