Skye Federation

 Justin Vorndran and Skye Federation hold the ladder as a team hangs a mural inspired by Wheels & Wings on the side of the Adoray building at Second Avenue and Cascade Street.

Four murals depicting local scenes were mounted over bricked-in windows last week on the side of Adoray’s Treasures From the Heart.

The project was initiated by recent Osceola High School graduates Skye Federation and Justin Vorndran through their work with the Why Wait? club.

In founding the extracurricular club last year, OHS educators Amanda Wicklund, Peg Medcraft and Derek Carlson  asked students to find and solve a problem in the world or community.

Federation and Vorndran chose to highlight local scenes in an iconic style. The murals depict Cascade Falls, planes at Wheels & Wings, the Osceola Bridge, and the Osceola Depot.

“Our goal was — and is — to bring more public art into Osceola, while bringing awareness to the natural beauty of Osceola,” said Federation. “… We were inspired both by the style of vintage national park posters and the changing seasons.”

Federation and Vorndran worked throughout the school year and summer to complete the murals, which they hung  August 28 with help from others. 

Federation added, “We are extremely thankful to those at Adoray’s for allowing us to place our art on their wall, and for all the help they gave along the way. We also are extremely thankful to the leaders of Why Wait? for inspiring us to use our love of art to bring change to our hometown.”

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