The topic between Mill Pond Learning Foundation Board members and Osceola Village Board members last week started out as what to do pertaining to donor recognition signage. 

It started that way, but it certainly didn’t end that way. 

Mill Pond member Diane Moser explained they wanted to recognize those who have contributed and presented their plans for recognition. 

“This is the first I’ve heard of it,” said Osceola board member Bob Schmitt, who added he envisioned a donor wall similar to the Osceola Medical Center. 

Fellow board member Bruce Gilliland echoed Schmitt’s concerns. 

Moser then discussed Mark and Deb Kravik, who have donated $1 million to the project, Mark’s history to the Osceola community and talked about the Kraviks’ plans were, which included to be recognized with exterior signage. 

“This is news to us,” Village President Jeromy Buberl said about the Kravik donation and request, with Moser replying Millpond just found recently found out themselves. 

Gilliland voiced his concerns about exterior signage, saying no one wants to read it during the winter months along with the maintenance required for the signs. 

Moser responded donors in the beginning were promised outdoor signage. 

Gilliland’s questions continued when he noticed the Village of Osceola residents weren’t recognized among the donors. 

“The Osceola citizens should be recognized for paying it,” he said. “My bill went up because of it.” 

The back and forth debate continued. 

Gilliland noted with the Library Board already approving the interior signage in the Library, talking to Millpond members, you’re going to want the same throughout. 

Both sides mentioned the lack of communication between the two, with Moser apologizing, but noting it’s a two-way street. 

Buberl even brought up, if one looked at Millpond’s website, it still lists Gary Beckmann as Osceola Village Board President. 

Village Board member Deb Rose stated Board members have taken the hit over the last couple of years. 

“We’ve been accused of being criminals and that we should belong in jail,” she said. “It’s been hard.”

Added Gilliland: “These aren’t personal attacks. We just felt like we haven’t been heard.” 

Moser tried desperately to bring the conversation back to its original point. 

“We’re anxious to finish the donor recognition. The donors deserve this. This is why we are here.” 

Village Board members continued to express doubts, especially with names given to government buildings. 

Mill Pond President Timm Johnson summarized his group by saying the donor recognition is their last hurdle. 

“We’ve been at this for eight years and we are ready to be done,” he said. 

A committee was announced comprised of Mill Pond members and Village Board members to reach a resolution regarding recognition. The Board will review the final recommendation. 


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