From June 19 to 24, the Osceola School District surveyed parents and guardians of students regarding school reopening this fall and received 926 responses. The results are as follows. 

What is your student’s grade level?

43.8% responded 9-12

37.4% responded 6-8

31.7% responded 3-5

31.3% responded kindergarten-2

10.6% responded four-year-old-kindergarten

Would you plan on sending your students to school in the fall if our public health partners believe it is safe?

71% responded yes.

23% responded they are likely to.

Less than 6% responded that they are unlikely to.

A small percent responded no.

Given the pandemic, which model of learning would you prefer for your student?

71.7% responded entirely in-person, face-to-face.

15.2% responded alternating days of in-person and distanced.

Less than 10% responded cycles of in-person and distanced, alternating every week.

Less than 10% responded entirely distanced, no face-to-face.

In the event of another extended closure, would you like access to pick-up meals from the school site?

51.5% responded no.

35.6% responded yes.

12.9% responded yes, but would not be able to pick up meals during weekdays.

What safety precaution(s) would you feel most important for your student(s) to return to school?

70% responded “Additional hand sanitation stations in place in classrooms”

33.3% responded “Social distancing plans for face-to-face time are implemented”

31.9% responded “Class sizes reduced through a staggered student schedule”

21.2% responded “Buses putting social distancing practices in place”

7.5% responded “School continues to operate remotely until a vaccine is developed”

22.9% responded “Staff wearing masks”

19.8% responded “Students wearing masks”

36.6% responded “I would feel safe with no additional safety precautions in place” 

If the Osceola School District offered an entirely online school option, with curriculum and teachers provided by an external source, would you consider enrolling your student in this option rather than traditional school?

59.7% responded no.

36% responded maybe, but they need more information.

Less than 5% responded yes.

Would you want Kids Klub to be available if there were a blended online and face-to-face model?

79.3% responded no.

20.7% responded they would likely need Kids Klub.

If the school opens in the fall, do you plan on using district transportation?

50.6% responded yes.

41.1% responded no.

A minuscule amount of responses were unsure or would use district transportation occasionally.

Of note is the number of COVID-19 cases in Polk County. During those five days, the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases rose from 44 to 49. As of July 25, the cases are now at 97.

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