The Willberg Memorial Library of Osceola is launching two new technology programs. Led by the new library director, Shelby Friendshuh, the programs aim to build on the library’s mission of fostering learning and connecting the community.

Libraries are often thought of as out of date and only just for books. Video games often are seen as having a stigma of being mostly for males and being a niche hobby. 

The new library director is helping to shatter those stigmas. As a female game player, Friendshuh is working to inspire a new generation and bolstering the library’s current services to make sure it is meeting the needs of a 21st century community.  

Discovery Center Gaming Project

The Discovery Center Gaming Project is designed to provide patrons with new ways to experience technology and bring in new patrons as well as current ones. The primary focus will be on family friendly multi player games. The library has acquired a new Nintendo Switch console and multiple games. The community has also started donating old consoles, games and other equipment to help build up the new program.

“Public libraries have a mission to provide cultural, recreational and entertaining materials, as well as informational and educational materials. Games provide stories and information as they entertain and educate,” the American Library Association stated. Area residents who would like to donate old video game equipment to support the Discovery Center Gaming Project are encouraged to bring items to the library. 

Tech Help

The second program, Tech Help program, aims to help locals with anything technology related. Starting in September anyone can come into the library on set days of the week and get assistance with a wide range of technology questions or problems, everything from how to use a new smartphone, to setting up social media accounts, to advice on what kind of laptop to buy. 

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