Kirk Anderson


Alderperson Kirk Anderson filed campaign papers at the St. Croix Falls City Hall on Wednesday, December 4, to declare his candidacy for mayor. Anderson said, “The citizens of St. Croix Falls want a mayor who will work for the best outcomes for the entire city; someone with a vision and strategy for revitalization and growth.”

“As a main street business owner, I see the need for revitalization in our city.  We need to protect our heritage but upgrade our infrastructure to meet current demands. We need to capitalize on our amazing location and support tourism, and we need to become an attractive city for new businesses and residents to call home. 

I have personally witnessed the rapid decline in our city’s historic downtown and have fought for over two years to convince the city’s leaders to support revitalization by finally completing the renovation of our city’s 102-year-old Civic Auditorium.  I have argued that completing this project is essential for our downtown’s economic success and growth, and that it will become the motivation for other businesses to invest in their properties, and individuals to enjoy main street.

As a business owner, resident, and father of five children, I know the success of St. Croix Falls is in our future, which means moving forward.”

Anderson lives in St. Croix Falls with his wife of 21 years, Shara, and their five children.  He owns and operates a marketing & technology company in downtown St. Croix Falls. He actively serves in the community as a member of the Falls Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club, and is a firefighter/first responder on the St. Croix Falls Fire Department.

Anderson was appointed as an alderperson in December of 2017 to fill a vacancy on the City Council, and was elected to a full term in April 2018.  He became the council president in 2019, serves as chair of the Public Works Committee, and is the council liaison for several other committees.

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