Staff at Hauge Dental Care are expanding their skills and services offered at the office.

Dittberner — orthodontics 

Jordan Dittberner, who has been with Hauge since May 2018, already aligns teeth with clear aligners (similar to Invisalign). He’s also been taking orthodontics classes to build on that service.

“Orthodontics is something I’ve always been interested in,” he said. “So hopefully I’ll start doing braces here pretty soon.”

A year and a half into his tenure he said he’s enjoyed getting to know his patients and Osceola itself.

“I’ve definitely developed a love for the Watershed Cafe,” he said. “And I like going up to Dick’s everyday and seeing a lot of the same people getting lunch, saying hi and getting to know them. I like to go to Subway and all the local businesses to support them.”

A month after his start date, Dittberner’s twin girls were born three months early. 

“That first summer was a whirlwind,” he said. “I was trying to get my bearings here and be with them as much possible in the NICU. It was busy, but they seem great now. Happy and healthy.”

Chantelois — botox and tooth implants

Botox treatments are now offered at Hauge Dental by Casey Chantelois, who has been with the dental office since January 2017.

The service has become more common with dentists, according to Chantelois.

“Dentists are used to working on the face and giving injections,” he said. “You can use Botox for clenching and grinding issues as well as reducing lines and wrinkles.”

“We’ll see how it goes,” he added. “I know it’s a small town, not Hollywood or Beverly Hills.”

Still, he joked that after getting a treatment to see how the procedure felt, he might be hooked.

Treatment cost is based on the number of units used. Chantelois estimated that an average treatment for forehead lines or crows feet would start at about $500.

He is also taking a course for dental implants, a service also offered by Tom Hauge.

“I feel more than enough surgical competence but during the course I’ll place one on a patient,” he said.  

As of late August he was still looking for a patient seeking a free implant. The procedure would take place this December in St. Paul at the Great Lakes Implant Institute.

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