Shirley Johnson

Shirley Johnson, Grow Osceola Committee Chair, volunteering on a previous spring planting day. 

Grow Fund Me


Many people are drawn to Osceola by its beauty.  A drive through Osceola on a summer weekend is a perfect example of this.  Not only do we have a natural beauty of the Cascade Falls, but we have a beauty that presents itself in the form of planters and flower beds throughout the downtown and village. These flowers help set that backdrop for Osceola, bring joy and make it an inviting place to visit and a wonderful place for many to call home.

Grow Osceola, a volunteer subcommittee under the Chamber and Main Street organization, as well as the Village staff, work hard to maintain the 32 planters and 28 flower gardens in the village throughout the seasons. A watering cart, donated by Core Products, helps ease that daily duty.

One of the big challenges every year is funding the flowers that make Osceola stand out.  As the weather warms, Grow Osceola’s focus turns toward summer plantings--their biggest expense each year. All told, the annual costs are approximately $4,500 for the 32 planters in summer, pumpkins and decorations in fall, and planters for winter.  “We do our best to support local when buying our plants.  Last year, Wildwood Flowers did a beautiful job planting our summer pots as well as working to create some fun accessories for our winter planters.” explained Shirley Johnson, Grow Osceola Committee Chair.  “We also keep our yearly costs down through committee members who have access to greens and birch on their property”.

Grow Osceola is hoping for local support via a fun campaign that they are calling “Grow Fund Me.”  Donations are needed to help raise the funds to purchase flowers for the summer pots as well for the fall décor and winter planters.  Please consider supporting the cause online via on April 27 or directly at the Hiawatha Bank,  Royal Credit Union or Wildwood Flowers with a check payable to Osceola Main Street, PO Box 251, Osceola, WI 54020 or donate online:

This is a perfect opportunity for individuals or businesses to come together to make Osceola a place that people want to stop and visit.  Last year, the Osceola Medical Center employees pulled together and held a jean’s day fundraiser in support of the Grow Osceola flower project.  “Last spring was particularly hard on the businesses and the Chamber was not able to hold a fundraiser to help purchase those summer flowers,” explained Sara Cutts, Community Engagement Manager at Osceola Medical Center and now active member of Grow Osceola. “OMC staffers were happy to support this project.”

Please consider donating to “Grow Fund Me” a program of Main Street, a nonprofit 501c3.  For questions linked to how you can help, please contact Sara Cutts, Grow Osceola volunteer, at 920-248-1527. 

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