Give Big

The annual giveBIG St. Croix Valley event is scheduled to take place on April 28. The one day, online fundraising event expanded into Hudson and River Falls last year and opened the event up to all St. Croix Valley non-profits this year, as long as the money raised is used in the St. Croix Valley. 

“All the money has to stay here,” said giveBIG director Sara Haase. “It has to benefit the communities of the St. Croix Valley. For instance, if a church group is raising money to dig water wells in Haiti, that’s an awesome thing to do, but that wouldn’t be a match for giveBIG.” 

Through their 21 business sponsorships, giveBIG is able to give out over $10,000 in prize grant to the nonprofits during the 24-hour event. Haase said that money is needed more than ever now, with the COVID-19 pandemic taking a toll on non-profits around the country. giveBIG opened up early donation this year due to coronavirus. Businesses were able to donate starting April 1 and have already given over $6,000. 

“With what’s going on with COVID-19 we recognize that people either might have money to give or may need the money right now,” Haase said. 

Haase said she’s hopeful donations would remain strong even with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I think in some respects we’ll see giving down, but in other respects I think people still seem to want to help and want to give,” she said. “I think with the stimulus check that came, there are people who are out of work and are struggling. But there are other demographics where people are working and don’t necessarily need that money and are looking for places to do some good.”

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