Described as a ‘get-to-know’ session, the Town of Farmington board and Village of Osceola board met for two hours July 8 about Farmington’s ordinance for the nonmetallic mine. 

It was stated in the ordinance the purpose “is to provide minimum standards for all nonmetallic mining operations in the Town, and to require licenses for nonmetallic mining and facility operations in order to protect public health and safety, to preserve the scenic beauty of the Town’s landscapes and environment, to protect the public from damage to both the quantity and quality of ground and surface waters, to minimize or prevent adverse impacts from on-site and off-site operations, and to promote the general welfare of the people and communities with the Town.” 

Both boards went over the 26 page ordinance and found few disagreements. 

Among the key parts of the ordinance: 

“Nonmetallic minerals” means a product, commodity, or material consisting principally of naturally occurring, organic, inorganic, nonmetallic, non-renewable material. 

“Nonmetallic mining” means extraction from the earth of mineral aggregates or nonmetallic minerals for off-site use or sale, including drilling and blasting as well as associated activities such as excavation, grading, and dredging of such materials. 

Hours of operation will start no earlier than 6 a.m. and end no later than 7 p.m. It is anticipated those hours will be a “soft start” and will not include operation of heavy or loud equipment such as crushers. There will be no operations on Saturdays, Sundays and Federal Holidays. The section also states “without a special exception, all crushing operations are prohibited between the dates of May 1 to September 1. It further adds, if hours of operations need to be changed, it must be brought to the Town Board for approval. If approved, specific notification to the neighbors within ½ mile of the mine site shall be given by the Operator at least 48 hours prior to the implementation of the extended hours. 

Heavy vehicles leaving the site shall be limited to 12 hours a day Monday through Friday not earlier than 6 a.m. and no later than 6 p.m. 

A buffer area should be provided, measured horizontally from the right-of-way line, of 100 feet along township roads and 200 feet along state highway and county roads, and a buffer area of 50 feet along property lines. 

No mine will blast more than 12 times in any calendar year and all such blasts shall comply with the Town Blasting Ordinance. 

The operator shall provide notice to anyone living with ½ mile of the mine of blasting activities before blasting occurs. Such notice must be providing 48 hours in advance.

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