Todd Schulte, member services manager, Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative, charges the co-op’s Chevy Volt at the Level 2 charging station in St. Croix Falls. The 240-volt EV charger provides about 20 to 25 miles of battery range for every hour the vehicle is plugged in.


Electric vehicle (EV) drivers can now charge their cars at Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative’s charging station in St. Croix Falls, between Midwest One Bank and Marketplace Foods off Hwy. 8. The charging station is free to the public.

“EVs are becoming more popular and widely available, with many manufacturers offering at least one model. Improved versions are on the horizon, and for good reason,” said Todd Schulte, member services manager, Polk-Burnett Electric Cooperative. “EVs provide environmental advantages and lower operating costs that balance out the initial investment.”

“We have an opportunity to help change the future of transportation by providing a charger in our service territory where our members and the public can readily access it,” Schulte continued. “Offering convenient access to charging will help members transition to EVs.”

Installing chargers on major highways helps alleviate range anxiety. The distance between destinations in rural areas is a common reason why some co-op members hesitate to own an EV. Polk-Burnett is collaborating with its wholesale power provider, Dairyland Power Cooperative, to ensure EV technology is not limited to more densely populated metropolitan areas.

Moving from gas to electricity reduces pollution, and the gap improves as the electric grid gets greener. When EVs are powered by wind or solar, they have zero emissions.  

Level 2 charging station

The Level 2, 240-volt charging station provides about 20 to 25 miles of battery range for every hour the vehicle is plugged in.

“We don’t expect people to fully charge their EVs at Marketplace, but they can top off their charge with enough power to get back home after a trip to the bank or grocery store,” said Schulte.

St. Croix Falls is co-op’s first public charging station

Marketplace Foods is an ideal location for the co-op’s first charging station because it’s a high-traffic commercial area on a major highway. EV drivers can conveniently charge their cars while traveling on Hwy. 8 or visiting local businesses.

Residential EV charging

Polk-Burnett also offers incentives for charging EVs at home through its EnergySense rebate program, including a $350 charger rebate and a discounted off-peak electricity rate for charging during off-peak times, when demand and cost are lower. 

Learn more about EVs and EV charger rebates for co-op members on

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