The largest congressional district in the state of Wisconsin will have a new legislator after Gov. Tony Evers schedules a special election. After being told his initial dates violated federal law, Gov. Evers has redacted the original dates and is exploring two options. Both of these options would move the general election to April or May.

One option being considered is to hold the general election on April 7, the same day of the presidential primary and the state Supreme Court election. The primary for the special election would then be held February 4.

The other scenario sets the primary for February 18, the date of the primary for the Wisconsin Supreme Court race. This would schedule the general election for May 5.

Gov. Evers’ spokeswoman, Melissa Baldauff, stated that an announcement would be made on the revised dates as soon as possible to avoid any further confusion for candidates and voters.

Evers made the announcement for the 7th Congressional District Monday, September 23.

Duffy announced his resignation in Aug.ust saying he was leaving office before his wife has their ninth child. 

There has been a lot of speculation of who will run for the Northern Wisconsin seat. 

“Our rural communities have been directly affected by unproductive trade wars, political attacks on healthcare and public education, and economic uncertainty because of the volatility we’re seeing in Washington, D.C.,” said Gov. Evers in a statement. “The people of Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District deserve to have a voice in Congress, which is why I am calling for a special election to occur quickly to ensure the people of the 7th Congressional District have representation as soon as possible. I thank Rep. Duffy for his service and wish him and his family all the best.”

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