The Osceola School Board finalized their selection of officials for the new term at the April 24 Osceola School Board Meeting. 

The new board titles are as follows: Craig Brunclik, president; Brooke Kulzer, vice president; Pete Kammerud, clerk; Rosanne Anderson, treasurer; and Brian Meyer, director.

Then, the board approved a request from the Destination Imagination team, Boogie Knights, to fundraise $10,500 for the team to compete at the Global Finals in Kansas City, Missouri, from May 22 to 25. Some ideas passed around to raise money included community performances, bake sales and free will donation baskets at OIS and OES spring concerts. 

The board went on to approve OIS Interventionist, Annie Bauer’s voluntary request to reduce her contract to .5 for the 2019-20 school year. In doing this, the district will have an additional $39,000 to put towards its $914,000 deficit. 

The retirement for Edward Branum was approved. Ed has served 21 years in the Osceola School District and the board thanked Branum for his years of service as middle school custodian.

The April 11 inclement weather day will not need to be made up by students, as they have met their hours of instruction requirements. This day will be forgiven for teachers and support staff, too. 

Fifth grade band will be eliminated after the resignation of Jessica Cribbs. And the board approved re-hiring a K-5 music teacher. 

The board approved the 2019 Maintenance Walk Thru priorities one and two with the exception of tabling the repair of the OIS parking lot bump and OHS pole vault pit installation. 

Summer school staffing and program offerings were confirmed. 

The popular Bag of Books program received a $2,500 donation from SF Insurance. The Board thanked SF Insurance for their donation, making it possible for kids to have access to books during the summer months. 

The next committee meeting will be Wednesday, May 8, at 5:00 p.m. in the District Boardroom.

The next regular Board Meeting is set for Wednesday, May 8, at 6:30 p.m. in the District Boardroom.

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