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Eight individuals were arrested last month as a result of a drug bust in Osceola and were subsequently charged in Polk County Circuit Court on a variety of drug-related charges. 

Bradley B. Quinn 35, 501 Saratoga Ave., Osceola; Natasha M. Moffitt, 34, 501 Saratoga Ave., Osceola; Justin Mudrick, 38, 501 Saratoga Ave., Osceola; Adam Lofquist, 46, 501 Saratoga Ave., Osceola; Alexandra N. Love, 32, Roberts; Nicholas A. Roubik, 34, White Bear Lake, Minn., Neena M. Williams, 31, Forest Lake, Minn., and Tyler Marsh, 25, Grand Junction, Colo., are facing charges pertaining from possession of methamphetamine to being party to a crime. 

A preliminary hearing in the cases against Quinn, Moffitt, Mudrick and Love was scheduled for Oct. 6. Roubik, Williams, Marsh and Lofquist have dates set for Oct. 19.

According to the criminal complaint: 

On Sept. 16, officers with the Polk County Sheriff’s Department, Osceola Police Department and St. Croix Valley Drug Task Force executed a search warrant at 501 Saratoga Ave. in the village of Osceola. 

Seven of the eight individuals were found at the residence, including a juvenile child. The missing individual, Lofquist, was apprehended later. 

The evidence supporting each arrest is as follows:

Bradley Quinn 

At the residence, law enforcement found a Dodge Dakota truck, which was registered in Quinn’s name. Observed in the bed area of the truck was a baggie containing suspected methamphetamine residue, which ultimately tested positive. A second baggie was also found in the driver’s side door sleeve, which also tested positive for methamphetamine.  

The complaint states numerous items related to the use of methamphetamine and other controlled substances were located inside of vehicles parked on the property. 

Moffitt told investigators “they” meaning, herself, Quinn and Lofquist, try to consume methamphetamine inside of the garage. Quinn denied living at the house or knowing anything about controlled substances inside of the house. 

Alexandra Love 

Law enforcement found Love in a vehicle. She first told investigators she didn’t have “anything to do” with the house because of what was “going on” there, which they later found to be false. 

A warrant was granted to search the vehicle Love was in. The result were items consistent with the use of methamphetamine and marijuana, including a pill bottle bearing her name on it, a gem pack baggie containing suspected marijuana and a brass pipe with burnt THC reside inside of it. 

Natasha Moffitt

Upon walking  into the attached garage, investigators found Moffitt next. Near her was a broken methamphetamine pipe with residue inside of the pipe stem and a gem back baggie containing a small amount of suspected methamphetamine.  Moffitt also confirmed her two children reside at the house. The complaint also states the residence was found to be dirty, unorganized and in poor condition with many of the items related to the use of controlled substances, while in the backpacks and/or bags, were located in common living areas within the residence. 

Nicholas Roubik 

Two methamphetamine pipes  were found when pertaining to Roubik – on himself and in his truck. A marijuana pipe was also found as well. A further search of his vehicle found a mirror with suspected methamphetamine residue on it. 

Neena Williams

Williams is Roubik’s girlfriend and was sleeping in the vehicle when law enforcement arrived. All of the items found within Roubik’s vehicle, could be within the lunge, reach and grasp area of where Williams was sleeping/sitting. 

She told law enforcement she believed she last consumed methamphetamine two days prior. 

Justin Mudrick 

Mudrick was found in the living room. He told investigators he was homeless and had been living there for the last couple of weeks. Upon a search of his duffel bag, found a syringe, which tested, positive for methamphetamine and a methamphetamine pipe with residue.

Tyler Marsh

Marsh said she recently came from Colorado and had been at the house the previous two days along with her young child.  A search of that room found a needle, which was tested, positive for the presence of methamphetamine. She also admitted to using methamphetamine while in the presence of officers. The child was placed with Moffit’s mother, but Marsh’s mother, who resides in Colorado, was requested to come to Wisconsin and take custody of her granddaughter. 

Adam Loftquist

A search of Loftquist’s bedroom found two Ziploc baggie containing methamphetamine residue and numerous unused gem pack baggies consistent with distribution located next to the bed. 

Officers noticed a truck approaching the area before abruptly stopping, backing up and accelerating westbound on County Highway M. The truck was believed to have been driven by Loftquist, which Moffitt later confirmed. 

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