The Copy Shop from St. Croix Falls has become The Staple in downtown Osceola.

A near 150-year-old building may not sound exciting for some, but for Pete and Tonya Droher that is further from the truth. 

The Drohers moved what was The Copy Shop, the business they owned in St. Croix Falls, into the historic Staples Building in downtown Osceola last month. 

As a result, the business is now called The Staple, highlighting graphic design, weddings, color printing, stickers, black and white printing, laminating, faxing and invitations. 

“It came with a blank slate,” Pete explained. “It was a perfect setup of what we wanted to grow into.”

The couple, which has been married 12 years, have owned and operated the business for the last five. 

“It’s absolutely awesome,” Pete said about working with his wife. “We can count on each other.”

Tanya brings a graphic design background earning a degree from The Art Institute International of Minnesota. 

As for Pete’s role, he specializes in sales and customer service or as he jokes, the grunt work.  

Pete estimated the new building gives them about 2.5 times more space than what they had previously. They’ve taken full advantage. 

“It can showcase our products, the stuff we created,” Pete said. “We’ve also ramped up our printing machines…It also give us a better sit-down experience with our customers, which makes them more comfortable.” 

He also believes the new location will be a benefit retail-wise. With a storefront, the walk-in crowd will take advantage of what they’re offering.  

Another surprising benefit of the move, he said, was when they informing customers about the move and they asked them would they continue supporting the business in its new location, the response was overwhelming positive. 

“We had more customers from Osceola than St. Croix Falls,” he said. “We didn’t know.” 

The Staple is only half the business venture for the Drohers. In the lower level of the building is the Stone Room, a rentable room up to 35 people with a full kitchen in which visitors can bring in their own food and beverage. 

“It’s been very exciting to be able to create a space in which the community can use,” Pete said, adding a birthday party has already used the space. 

The shop is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mondays-Fridays and 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturdays. For more information, call 715-483-3765. 


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