The Village of Dresser discussed issues with the quarterly sewer flow that involves a billing complication with the Village of Osceola at their Nov. 4 meeting. For several years, the Village of Dresser was being under billed due to miscalculated wastewater flow into Osceola’s treatment facility.

According to village attorney Tim Laux, an operator in the Osceola wastewater treatment plant was taking readings in the wrong location from 2014 to 2016, causing an estimated $60,000 to be under billed, and is now owed to the Village of Osceola.

“Where are we going to get $60,000 dollars?” asked trustee, Grace Bjorklund. “We don’t have $60,000 this year, next year, or the year after that.” 

During his presentation on the matter, Laux indicated that this error was discovered in 2016 and that it was “their employee’s fault” with “no error on the Dresser side.” Because of this, the billing proposal made by Osceola was met with some opposition by trustee, Karen Andrie.

“It was their fault,” she said, “and then to ask us for $60,000, and $30,000 a year is the lowest they’ll go?” To clarify the situation, President Bryan Raddatz stated, “That was what they proposed. We can counter.”

The discussion for the rest of the matter focused on what that counter offer might look like. Proposals from $10,000 for six years, to $20,000 for three years were floated before deciding that getting a confirmed opinion from Laux was necessary before moving forward with any action. 

 “Like it or not, wastewater was treated,” said Laux. “At this point, it comes down to how you’re going to end up trueing that account with the village’s wastewater treatment facility...Even though there’s no deadline, that doesn’t give you the green light to drag this out for years and years…I think I should look at the contract and give you a written opinion on what your options are under that contract.”

Raddatz concluded the discussion by stating that the board would continue the conversation on the December agenda after receiving the written opinion of Laux.

Other Business:

The board approved the village hall holiday open house event to be held Monday, Dec. 16 from 2-6 p.m.

The board discussed groundwater issues due to high sewer flow numbers at the State Street Lift Station. “We are not the only municipality having groundwater issues,” said Raddatz. In order to remedy the situation, repairs to the sewer pipes at the Lift Station were also brought up. Though they are “bad” according to Raddatz, they are not an emergency. The board plans to discuss and hopes to hear numbers from three companies before the December meeting.

The Library Board announced that a new name for the Village Library has been decided. It will be named the Geraldine E. Anderson Village Library in memory of Geraldine Anderson. 

A motion carried to approve the recommendation from the Finance Personnel Committee to carry the remaining 2019 Community Hall Budget for maintenance and repairs to the Community Hall and painting of the ceiling. Painting will occur after roof repairs are completed.

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