Rhubarb 17

A boy with a balloon jet pack paints a rock at Rhubarb Days 2017. The future of Osceola’s kick off to summer and the library’s seasonal reading programs is in question.


Starting this year, the Osceola Public Library will no longer plan and host Rhubarb Days and Movies Under the Stars, Library Director Kelly McBride announced last week. 

According to McBride, the decision was prompted by a reassessment of the library’s direction and role in the village and its move away from Mill Pond Park. 

“A few years ago the library board took a hard look at the Rhubarb Days and Movies events and had a difficult time figuring out how these programs fit into the mission of the library,” she said. “As a result, some changes were made. Again, the library board and library staff have evaluated these events to determine whether they fit. As it turns out, they no longer do.”

McBride invited other organizations to host the events.

“These are great community events,” she said, “but it’s time the library ‘pass the torch.’ Library staff will be happy to share the troves of information we have from previous years with anyone who is interested in keeping these events rocking.”

Another organization, Community Homestead, expressed interest in helping organize Rhubarb Days. And the Osceola Area Lions Club still plans to hold its Duckathlon rubber duck race, a signature event of the day.

The announcement came the final week of McBride’s tenure as library director. Rebekah Palmer is now serving as interim library director.

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