Residents of the Village of Osceola will have a new president, Jeromy Buberl, beginning April 16. Outgoing president Gary Beckmann did not file for candidacy this year and, running unchallenged, Buberl received 487 votes. 

His move to the president’s seat will leave a vacancy on the board of trustees. The board will appoint someone to the vacant seat in the new term. 

Trustees: Incumbent Bob Schmidt (386 votes), new board member Tim Anderson (342) and incumbent Van Burch (339).

Candidate Travis Murphy received 207 votes. Outgoing trustee Stephen Bjork did not run for reelection. 

Town of Osceola

Chair: Incumbent Doug Schmidt won 344 votes to challenger Warren Johnson’s 299.

Supervisors: Running unchallenged for two seats, Brandon Whittaker (462) and incumbent Mike Wallis (433) won seats on the board. Outgoing supervisor Dan Burch did not run for reelection.

Village of Dresser

President: Incumbent Bryan “Fatboy” Raddatz, running unchallenged, garnered 119 votes.

Trustees: Incumbents Grace Bjorklund (103), Wayne Moberg (96) and Richard Durand (83) were reelected.

Candidate Sharon Hendricks received 59 votes.

Municipal Judge — Osceola and Dresser

Priscilla Dorn-Cutler, incumbent running unchallenged, received 623 votes.

Town of Farmington

In Farmington, only incumbents ran. All were reelected.

Chair: Dennis Cottor (434 votes).

Supervisors: Dennis Neumann (399) Rick McGuiggan (346).

Clerk-Treasurer: Deb Swanson.

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