ATV 35 to M

Osceola Village Board members removed Third Avenue from County Highway M to Chieftain Street. Some voiced concern about making the left from Highway 35 to M.

All-terrain and utility-task vehicles will be allowed to drive through downtown Osceola beginning this spring.

The village board approved routes through town at its Tuesday, Jan. 8, meeting. Based on safety concerns, the board removed the Third Avenue route from Chieftain Street to County Highway M.

Approved routes:

63rd Avenue from 267th Street to State Highway 35

Simmon Drive from 256th Street to County Highway M (Seminole Avenue)

County Highway M within the corporate limits of the village

Depot Road

Prospect Way

Prospect Court

Prospect Avenue

Prospect Drive

Industrial Drive

First Avenue

Second Avenue from the Village parking lot entrance west of Cascade Street (Highway 35) to Chieftain Street

Third Avenue from Cascade Avenue (Highway 35) to Chieftain Street

Fourth Avenue from River Street to Kent Street

Chieftain Street from First Avenue to Fourth Avenue

River Street from Third Avenue to Fourth Avenue

State Highway 35 starting at Ridge Road to Middle School Drive

Ridge Road

Other conditions

Speed limits: 35 MPH, or as otherwise posted for automobile traffic whichever is lower. 10 MPH when pedestrians are present. 

Drivers must have a valid Class D driver’s license (or equivalent); they and their vehicles must be covered by liability insurance.

The vehicles will be driven single file on the right side of the road unless making a left turn. 

No person under the age of 18 may operate or ride on an ATV or UTV without wearing a helmet approved by the State of Wisconsin for that purpose.

All ATVs and UTVs shall operate in the Village only during daylight hours, from half an hour before sunrise to half an hour after sunset.

Operation of ATVs and UTVs is permitted from April 1 through December 1.

All operators are required to have headlamps (white light) and tail lamps (red light) turned on at all times.

To reach a designated route, drivers must use the most direct route from their home and shall be subject to all rules of the road in the process.  

The board banned any ATVs or UTVs on Education Avenue, Middle School Drive, 10th Avenue from State Highway 35 to Oak Ridge Drive and Oak Ridge Drive from 10th Avenue to State Highway 35.

Route signage will be paid for by ATV/UTV clubs. 

Other business

• The village is in the process of recruiting a realtor to help sell the former library building.

• Police and fire had been relatively quiet months in December, “The kind of quiet we like to see in Osceola,” said Police Chief Ron Pedrys.

• A special event permit and temporary liquor license were approved for the Osceola Firefighter’s Ball, organized by the Osceola Lions Club. The ball is set for Feb. 9.

• Building permits totaled approximately $6 million last year, the third highest year in the village since 2000, according to Village President Gary Beckmann.

• The board accepted the resignation of Village Administrator Joel West.

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