Potting Bonneprise

In 1993 Don Potting and John Bonneprise posed with several of the trophies won by the Farmington team over the years.


Saturday, Sept. 12 will be a cause for celebration in Farmington. 

For the first time since 1993, a reunion is scheduled for all those who played on the town of Farmington softball team from 1953-1993.

That first year marked two church teams from Zion Lutheran and Assumption Catholic that played. 

The following year, Farmington then joined an eight-team league made up of Osceola Air Base, Osceola, Somerset, Dresser, Wanderoos, Star Prairie and Roberts. 

Over the years, the league grew from 16 teams up to 36 and included cities such as Scandia, Taylors Falls, Houlton, Stillwater and St. Croix Falls. 

John Bonneprise, manager of the team for many years, explained once the Air Base closed in the mid 1970’s, a ballpark was built on the site, which became beneficial in more ways than one. 

“There was something going on every night, whether it was 4-H, church or community,” he said. “It was a huge asset to the community. It made it pretty special.”

Bonneprise also talked about how softball became a family event in Farmington over the years. Dennis Potting, on whose  farm the reunion is going to be held, was one of eight Pottings who played. Bonneprise also mentioned Clyde Fox and his six sons, Ken Ellingson and his sons, along with Tom, Al and Mike Salewski. 

“It was unique to have families like that,” he said. 

The reunion will be from 1-5 p.m. at the Potting farm, located at 241 240th St. The reunion will also be an 85th birthday celebration for Bonneprise as well. 

“Food and refreshments will be provided,” Bonneprise said. “Just bring stories and pictures.” 

Bonneprise supplied a roster of those who played over the years. 

Bernard Beyl 

Earl Brown

Leo Lutz

Leo Leisch

Herb Dorr

Aaron Kuske

Paul Neidermire

Gene Nelson 

Ferdinand Springer

Leonard Potting, Jr. 

LeRoy Schwan

Wally Potting

Ray Potting

Gary Baillargeon

Jeff Fox

Dean Fox 

Mick Fox

Dan McElfresh

Scott McElfresh

Ron McIntyre

Rob Bullard

Shawn McIntyre

Rick Geving

Dave Montpetit

Tim Johnson

Neil Johnson

Ted Johnson

Dale Johnson

Bob Montpetit

Don Stelter

Walt Jahnke

Dennis Baillargeon

Wendel Hillskotter

Ken Kromrey

David Neidermire

Paul Bierbrauer

Don Rud

Gean Holen

Gerald Springer 

Don Springer

Dick Danielowski

Roger Hoiby

Junior Hoiby

Duane Measner

Don Potting

Dennis Krenz

Mike Boyer

Perry Carlson

Doug Mielke

Bill Thiel

Terry Baillergeon

Mike Tinney

Steve Martell

Brent Arndt

Terry Viebrock

Gordy Campbell

Ken Ellingson

Phil Hinz

Mark Ellingson

Greg Ellingson

Todd Ellingson

Jerry Steffen

Aryln Fox

John Neidermire

Bruce Peterson

Jerry Getschel

Dennis Getschel

Eugene Getschel

Dave Arndt

Dennis Langer

Wayne Peterson

Rodney Peterson

Art Steffen

Larry Fox

Ardel Fox

Dick Sievert

Mike Krenz

Kren Hoverman

Darrell Paulson

Mike Demulling

Mike Walsh

Gary Russell

Rob Durand

Tim Smith

Al Salewski

Tom Salewski

Mike Salewski

Dave Paulson 

Kim Rud

Chad Rud

Corey Rud

Rollo Grant

Johnny Potting

Kenny Jo Potting

Mike Stevens

Lewis Ingram

Ed Gear

Terry Ingram

Russell Strohbee

Darrel Getschel

Dick Mullen 

Bob Mullen


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